Elephants have been camping in the forest of Rampur Mandi for the past several days.

At night, these elephants enter the fields of Dhakrani and Dhalipur area adjacent to the Yamuna River area and are causing great damage to the crops. The tenants are upset by this. The forest department is also very alert due to elephant threats. Elephants are being monitored throughout the night. In the evening, these elephants begin to approach the fields, while in the morning they come back to the forest.
Significantly, the Rampur Mandi area is adjacent to the Herbertpur-Vikasnagar road. In such a situation, there is movement of vehicles on this road at night. The department is very cautious about this. If elephants do not come on the road at night, it is being closely monitored. Usually elephants are found in the Timli Range forest under the Kalsi Land Conservation Forest Division, but sometimes these elephants reach the Rampur mandi of Chakrata forest division adjacent to it. There is forest in about 100 hectares. These elephants have been camping in the forest since January 5.

Forest inspector Pradeep Saxena said that the movement of elephants is constantly being monitored. At night, elephants enter the fields through the river, while in the morning, they return to the forest.

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