G-20 meeting can also be held in Kumaon division of Uttarakhand, idea going on in the name of these two cities

Out of the two meetings to be held in Uttarakhand under the G-20 conference, one meeting can now be held in Kumaon division. Now both these meetings are proposed to be held in Rishikesh.
India has got the presidency of G-20 this year. On this, the Central Government has decided to organize programs under the G-20 conference across the country. Uttarakhand has also got permission to organize two meetings of this conference. These programs are proposed to be held in Uttarakhand in May and June.
The state government had decided to hold both the meetings under this conference in Rishikesh. If sources are to be believed, the government is considering this conference as a good opportunity to spread the local customs, manners, culture and cuisine.
In such a situation, apart from Rishikesh, it is also being considered to organize a meeting in Nainital or Ramnagar of Kumaon division. If sources are to be believed, a decision on this will be taken soon after the approval of Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami.

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