Uttarakhand News

The terror of elephants is continuously increasing in the villages falling under the Haldwani range of the Terai Central Forest Division.

Gajraj has been knocking in the population since August. The forest department is troubled by elephants along with the villagers. From Lalkuan wood depot to the Aakriti stone crusher at Halduchod, the forest department is also digging a gap of about one km. So that they are kept away from the population. However, the Forest Department also believes that due to lack of basic food of elephant in the forest of the range, he liked paddy in the fields and now sugarcane.

The terror of elephants is continuously increasing in Jaipur Bisa, Padampur Devalia, Halduchaur under Haldwani range. This also increases the resentment of local tenants. In the forest, Gajraj takes Pauri, Rohini, Amaltas, Kanju etc. as food. While Eucalyptus, Popular and Teak are more in this range. This species proves to be better for commercial use. But they are not useful in terms of biodiversity and wildlife. This is the reason that the lack of food at the habitat is forcing elephants to come into the population.

Now promote mixed species:
According to Ranger Haldwani Umesh Arya, this year the government plantation has promoted mixed species. So that food can be available to wildlife. There is also a compulsion that eucalyptus, papular and teak cannot be removed immediately. These will be deducted according to the time period of the working plan.