Big Breaking: – After the reprimand of Minister Ganesh Joshi, the awakening rule, minimum rates of CT scan were done, the labors were robbing up to 10 thousand.

There was a lot of black marketing in the state to do CT scan and digital scanning; City cabinet and Ganesh Joshi were taking health secretary for city scan and digital X-ray up to 10 thousand rupees somewhere in the state. And the instructions were given to set the minimum price of digital X-ray, after which the inauguration has been fixed as the least expensive. Anoop Kumar Dimri, Chief Medical Officer of Dehradun has instructed the Secretary Indian Radiologist and Imaging Association Branch Dehradun that CT Thorax less Then only 3500 rupees of 16 slice will be charged, apart from this HRCT will charge 4 thousand more then 16 slice.

The medical officer said clearly in his letter that more money is being collected from people in various private investigation centers, now the general public is getting upset due to this inconvenience. These rates will also be included from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm or will remain in effect for the regular period of operation of the center. After the scheduled period, an additional ₹ 500 per beneficiary will be given in case of emergency, to implement all these orders with immediate effect. Instructions have been given to let you know. Minister Ganesh Joshi had written a letter to the Secretary, that HR CT / CT scan and digital X- for examination of confirmed / suspected patients of Kovid-19 and pneumonia in view of the current Kovid-19 epidemic. Ray / X-ray is being done. Due to sudden demand, private radiology / pathology operators are charging arbitrary prices from citizens. Already, the Kovid infections are killing the arbitrary price being charged by the radiology / pathology operators on the common citizens. In such a situation, to give direct relief to the citizens, it is necessary that the rates of CT scan and digital X-ray should be fixed to check for Kovid infection. As in Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, Maharashtra and many other states, rates of HR CT / CT scan and digital X-ray / X-ray have already been set to provide relief to their citizens.
On this basis, it has been directed by the Minister of Kabina that HR CT / CT scan and digital X-ray / for checking of confirmed / suspected patients of Kovid-19 and pneumonia in the state too, with reference to the rates fixed by other states Action should be taken with immediate effect to determine the minimum X-ray rates (including consumables, sanitization and tax). Along with this, he has also appealed to the citizens to get CT or HRCT done only on the advice of doctors and not to get CT scan done unnecessarily. The orders have been issued following the instructions of the minister.

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