A 93-year-old elderly woman from the Government Medical College Srinagar in Uttarakhand returned home after defeating Corona.

When the elderly returned healthy, the family called it a New Year gift from the college. According to the Medical College, this is the first case of Uttarakhand, when an infected person of such age has returned home after getting healthy.

Prof. HNB Garhwal, Head of Department of Zoology at Central University, Prof. BS Bisht’s mother Surji Devi (93) lives with her family in Kandolia Road Pauri. He was admitted to the district hospital Pauri on December 3 for cough and loss of appetite. After conducting CT and other investigations, the doctors referred him as a Corona suspect.

He was Rapid Tested at the Base Hospital affiliated to Medical College Srinagar. He was shifted to Kovid Hospital when the report came positive. Arun Badoni, the PRO of the Medical College, said that during treatment, on 16 and 24 December, the old lady’s RTPCR investigation was done.

Shift was done in Medicine ward on 30th December:
She also turned positive in this. He was shifted to the medicine ward on 30 December after the report came negative in the third investigation. Surji Devi was discharged on the first day of the new year after the report was received.

Here, the Principal of Medical College Prof. CM Rawat said that the hard work of doctors and staff of Kovid Ward brought color. It is a great achievement for a 93-year-old woman to return home healthy.

Let us know that on Friday, 18 infected have emerged in Pauri. At the same time, 83998 patients have been cured in the state so far. The total number of infected has increased to 91281. At the same time, 1515 patients have died. The recovery rate of infected people in the state has increased to 92 percent.

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