All government offices have opened since today.

All government offices have opened in the state from today. In which group A and B personnel will have 100 percent attendance. Whereas, excluding employees belonging to the essential services of Group C and D, the duty will be levied on the basis of 50 per cent attendance on the basis of rotation of others.

On Wednesday, the government issued an order to keep government offices closed till May 1, but the order was repealed shortly after and a new order was issued.

In view of increasing cases of corona infection in the state, all government offices have been closed for the last six days. Orders were issued by the government to first close all the offices from 23 to 25 April. Later, Chief Minister Tirath Singh Rawat extended the period of closure of the government office till 28 April. But now the order has been issued by the government to open all the offices from Thursday.

In the order issued by Secretary Dr. Pankaj Kumar Pandey, such women employees whose children are less than ten years, pregnant women employees, employees above 55 years of age and seriously ill employees have been told that such employees from home Will work These employees will be called to the office only when there is an unavoidable situation.

Apart from this, Divyang employees are also exempted from office attendance. However, in government interest, any employee can be called to office if required. The order states that meetings should be conducted through video conferencing as far as possible.

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