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The government has decided to repeal the government order declaring the river Ganga flowing through Harki Padi as an escape channel.

On Sunday, Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat announced it and said that its new mandate will be issued soon.

Before the Kumbh review meeting with the saints on Sunday, Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat said that the status of the uninterrupted Ganga of Har Ki Paidi will be retained. The har ki paadi will be kept free from the escape channel.
This demand was being made for a long time by the Ganga Sabha and the Akhara Council. These people said that declaring Ganga as an escape channel has hurt people’s faith. This demand has been made since 2017, but the government is not paying attention to it.

The decision taken keeping in mind the public sentiment:
There has been a demand from the Ganges and people to keep the Har Ki Paidi area free from the escape channel. This region is a symbol of faith and trust. It has been decided that the old mandate will be repealed and a new mandate will be issued. This decision has been taken keeping in mind the public sentiments.
-Trivendra Singh Rawat, Chief Minister

Former CM Harish Rawat congratulated:
Former CM Harish Rawat on Sunday reacted to the CM’s statement repealing the old mandate. Harish Rawat said that finally Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat has ordered to change the Ganga related decision of our (Harish Rawat) government. I congratulate the Akhara Council and the Ganga Sabha.

Mahakumbh will be bathed in the Ganges stream:
The announcement of the cancellation of the escape channel ordinance by Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat has been welcomed by the saints and pilgrim priests of Dharmanagri. Saints and Tirtha Purohit said that the BJP government has done the work of giving respect back to Ganga by rectifying the mistake of the then government.

In 2016, the then Harish Rawat government declared Ganga as an escape channel flowing from Bhagirathi Bindu, Sarbananda Ghat Bhupatwala to Harki Padi, Mayapur and Daksha Mandir Kankhal. This meant that this stream is a canal that is used to drain excess water into the Ganges.

The NGT had ordered the construction to be removed within 200 meters of the banks of the Ganges. There is also the construction of hotels, ashrams etc. along the banks of the Ganga flowing through the Hari Ki Paidi. Those who were decided to withdraw The government of Harish Rawat declared the Ganges stream as an escape channel only to save this construction. While the Akhil Bharatiya Akhara Parishad and Sri Ganga Sabha had protested against the ordinance.

Shri Ganga Sabha had filed an appeal in the High Court against the ordinance in 2017. The matter is still pending in court. In the year 2019, Urban Development Minister Madan Kaushik assured the Sri Ganga Sabha to take action against the cancellation of the ordinance. In July this year, former Chief Minister Harish Rawat reached Harki Padi and publicly apologized to Shri Ganga Sabha and Sant Samaj regarding the ordinance. Harish Rawat had talked about issuing ordinances citing the then circumstances.

At the same time, the state government had also demanded the immediate cancellation of the ordinance, saying it was unnecessary. Harish Rawat had assured the saints and tirtha priests that the ordinance would be repealed if the present government does not take a decision in 2022. Then the state politics was warmed by this master stroke of Harish Rawat. Mr. Ganga Sabha Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat said, two months ago, gave concrete assurance to cancel the ordinance.

On the 63rd day, the government announced the cancellation of the ordinance:
At the same time, many pilgrim priests under the leadership of Teerth Purohit Saurabh Sikhoula sat on a dharna on every side demanding to cancel the ordinance. On the 63rd day of picketing and gradual fast, the government announced the cancellation of the ordinance.

The Escape Channel Ordinance was very unfortunate. Due to this, religious sentiments of crores of devotees along with saints and pilgrims were hurt. After the assurance of Urban Development Minister Madan Kaushik, Shri Ganga Sabha was in constant touch with the government regarding the activities of cancellation of the ordinance. Sri Ganga Sabha was fully confident that the ordinance would be repealed in due course. It took a while for some technical reasons to graze.
– Tanmaya Vasistha, General Secretary Shri Ganga Sabha

The Escape Channel Ordinance was a major attack on Sanatan Dharma. Today, the Trivandra Singh Rawat Government has done the work of washing this great disaster. The government’s decision is welcome. The government should likewise work to carry forward the work related to religion and remove barriers. Today is a big day for all the Ganga devotees.
– Pradeep Jha President Shri Ganga Sabha

Today the government has washed away the sins of the previous government. After taking cognizance of the Prime Minister and Union Ministers, the Government took a welcome decision. The Tirtha Purohit Samaj welcomes the decision. Today (Monday) grand Ganga Aarti and Mother Ganga will be milked with all the supporting organizations.
– Saurabh Sikhoula, Tirtha Purohit

The government has done justice to the sentiments of crores of devotees. But there should be a concrete law so that such Ganga and religious sentiments do not get disturbed. – Prateek Mishpuri, President of Indian Oriental Education Society