Harak Singh made such a demand to Cabinet Minister Premchand Agarwal that there was a ruckus, read the whole matter

Cabinet minister Premchand Agarwal and former cabinet minister Harak Singh Rawat came face-to-face during a tribute program at Mansa Devi Shyampur.

On the question of asking for resignation, Agarwal interrupted Harak Singh, Harak Singh replied when he can resign on moral grounds while being a minister, then what is he abstaining in doing so. There was an argument between the two regarding this matter.
Why are you repeatedly asking for resignation? : Premchand
Cabinet Minister Premchand Agrawal had participated in the tribute program organized at Mansa Devi Gumaniwala. Meanwhile, former cabinet minister Harak Singh Rawat also reached there. After the general meeting, the cabinet minister Agrawal interrupted Harak Singh on why he was repeatedly demanding his resignation.
Resigned on moral grounds when I was minister: Harak
According to eyewitnesses, Harak Singh had said that when I was a minister, I too had resigned from the post of minister on moral grounds. Aggarwal said that it was a Jain episode.
Harak replied that the Jaini episode was also a conspiracy against him, but that he had resigned on moral grounds even though he had been a minister for 30 years. To this Agarwal replied whether he did not want him to remain a minister even for 30 days. This dispute remained the subject of discussion.

Government’s double character shown in assembly recruitment scam:
On the other hand, Congress MLA Vikram Singh Negi from Pratap Nagar area of ​​Rishikesh has surrounded the state government in the assembly recruitment scam. He said that when the government canceled the assembly recruitments, then why the recruiter is still included in the cabinet.
Due to this the dual character of the BJP government has come in front of the common man. He said that the government should remove cabinet minister Premchand Agarwal from the cabinet with immediate effect.
Addressing the ongoing dharna of Yuva Nyay Sangharsh Samiti near Mandi Tiraha, Pratapnagar MLA Negi said that today the law and order situation in the entire state is weak. The government is working to save the family members of the RSS-affiliated leader involved in the Vanantara massacre.
He said that no step has been taken so far in disclosing the names of the VIPs. The entire state is suffering from such incidents. Whether it is the death of Kedar Singh of Uttarkashi, Jagdish of Kumaon, the police administration has proved to be a failure.
Educationist Himanshu Rawat said that the government is anti-youth which is pushing the students towards depression and forcing them to self-immolation, if the government does not take heed, it will have dire consequences.

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