Harda’s ‘Pushkar Prem’ came to the fore, created a stir in Congress, said- ‘Chief Minister very good…’

Former Uttarakhand Chief Minister Harish Rawat has created a stir in political circles by praising Chief Minister Pushkar Singh.
In fact, on Saturday, the Congress delegation presented the problems of Joshimath landslide in front of the Chief Minister. Former CM Harish Rawat was also in this delegation. After this meeting, Harish Rawat shared a post on Facebook praising Chief Minister Dhami. Due to which the political agitation intensified.
Harish Rawat wrote ‘future rivals should be careful. The Chief Minister of the state is a very good listener. Yesterday we went to give a lot of suggestions on the Joshimath disaster. In which many suggestions were critical as well as sharp questions, but the Chief Minister listened to them with full patience. The future should be kept an eye on how much solution will be found now. Let us see when the construction of pre-fabricated houses starts, if there is a tent colony then how long it takes, when the safe places are selected, when the amount of compensation is distributed to the people, how much compensation they will get and the common people whose livelihood is Joshimath But what happens to them! What happens to the cow, what happens to those whose economy is based on cow’s milk, there are many things for which we all will be waiting. But one thing is true that the Chief Minister listened patiently.

The Chief Minister was also informed about the problems of Karnprayag and Tehri:
Congress delegation met Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami on Saturday and demanded solution to the problems of disaster affected people in Joshimath.
The delegation raised the problems being faced by the affected people due to rain and snowfall and also requested to make pre-fabricated houses for the affected people. Describing the facilities in the relief camp as inadequate, he insisted on increasing them.
The delegation also raised the issue of the oustees of Karnprayag and cracks coming in the houses of three areas on the banks of Tehri lake. During this, the Chief Minister said that the intention of the government is clear regarding Joshimath. The government is taking all possible steps to provide relief to the local people. Congress delegation led by Badrinath MLA Rajendra Bhandari met the Chief Minister.
During this, former Chief Minister Harish Rawat requested to speed up the construction of pre-fabricated houses and declare the compensation amount immediately. He said that wherever people are settled, it should be named as new Joshimath. He suggested to the Chief Minister that till the work on the pre-fabricated structures starts, big tents can be put up after talking to the Defense Minister.

Had Harish Rawat taken the youth forward, the condition of the party would have been different:
Former Leader of Opposition and Chakrata MLA Pritam Singh took a jibe at former Chief Minister Harish Rawat for his statement in support of taking the youth forward in the state.
He said that if the former Chief Minister had done this work, the position of the Congress in the state would have been different. Pritam Singh, who was once one of the chief lieutenants of former Chief Minister Harish Rawat, is now his outspoken critic. Swords have been drawn between the two over the leadership of the Congress in the state.
The day before, Chief Minister Harish Rawat had appreciated the patience of Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami in talks with the Congress delegation regarding the Joshimath disaster. He also asked the Congress to be wary of its main rival. Along with this, he also advocated for the youth to move forward in politics.
Regarding this statement of senior Congress leader Harish Rawat, Pritam Singh targeted him. He said that this thinking of the former Chief Minister is ‘late aayd, durust aayd’. Had he taken cognizance of this fact earlier, the youth would have got an opportunity to move forward in the party and the situation of the party would have been different.

Harish Rawat will go to Bharadisain in the first week of February:
Former Chief Minister and senior Congress leader Harish Rawat will observe a silent fast in Bharadisain in the first week of February. In his post on internet media, he said that he wanted to go to Bharadisain on January 26 to observe a silent fast. He will go to Bharadisain in the first week of February and share his feelings about Bharadisain and Uttarakhand.

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