The form of Haridwar Kumbh rests on an effective scheme of crowd management from the government level.

According to crowd management, the government will allow people to participate in the Kumbh event. If the administration is successful in crowd management, then the main festival can also be held without restrictions.

According to sources, the government has not yet received any full proof plan for crowd management. In view of this, work is also being done on different schemes. If some of these schemes hit the ground, then the work of the government will become easy and it will be possible to allow Kumbh to be organized on a large scale.

Now the concern of the government has increased with the introduction of new strain of Britain. A large number of foreigners are also involved in Kumbh. Any such concession may increase the rate of corona infection.

Ideas are being discussed on these crowd management schemes:
1. Support of apps and new technology:
If the government strengthens the surveillance system, then it can be easy to follow the social distance from the crowd gathering at one place. Like the Arogya Setu app, it can be an effective plan if everyone who participates in Kumbh can access it through the app. That is why the government has laid great emphasis on surveillance and has also sought help from other higher research institutes.

2. Keeping the duration of Kumbh short:
Kumbh is a spiritual and cultural event and involves people from all over the world on important dates. If the duration of Kumbh is kept short, then it does not matter the nature of Kumbh, but the number of people coming can definitely be reduced.

3. Investigation of people coming from other state:
The government can ask other states to ask people to join the Kumbh only by conducting an inquiry and through a system of pass. Under this, the government had said that the Kovid Negative Certificate will be taken from the visitors. It is also part of crowd management.

4. Limiting traffic resources:
Special trains, buses etc. are arranged by the government in Kumbh so that more people can easily participate in the event. This time there is a possibility of it not being arranged. In this way also the number of people can decrease.
First priority should be given to organizing Kumbh in Uttarakhand
For the Corona vaccine, the government has asked the Center to give first priority to organizing Kumbh in Uttarakhand. This vaccine will also depend on what the nature of Aquarius will be.

The biggest problem in Kumbh is crowd management and many levels are being considered. A new strain of Britain has also emerged and this has increased the concern of the government. The pace of transition in the future depends on which scheme will be adopted. If the conditions remain normal then Kumbh will be in its grand form and it is being prepared from the government level.
-Madan Kaushik, Minister of Urban Development, Uttarakhand

After the Kedarnath disaster, the challenge before the state government was whether to start the Char Dham Yatra or not. At that time, the then government had made up its mind then the road was also formed. The trouble is that the government is unable to decide at this time what to do. If the government decides, then other people will also support. Saints will also be supported.
-Harish Rawat, Former CM, Uttarakhand

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