Hazardous colors do not harm your eyes.

Celebrate Holi, the festival of colors, but be careful! Lest the dangerous colors harm your eyes as well as the skin. According to dermatologists, the use of dangerous colors can be harmful to the skin.

Dr. Mohammad Sadiq Omar, Assistant Professor at the State Doon Medical College and Dermatologist at Doon Hospital, says that playing Holi with dangerous colors containing chemicals during Holi can damage your skin.

Skin diseases can also occur. In such a situation, try playing Holi with naturally prepared Abir-Gulal instead of chemical-rich colors. It is said that if the skin has a hazardous chemical complexion, then wash it with water immediately.

Do not clean the colors with laundry soap. Apply coconut oil on body and face before playing Holi. This allows the color to be washed easily. If you feel skin irritation despite washing the colors, contact a dermatologist immediately.
Protect eyes from dangerous colors:
Dr. Sushil Ojha, Associate Professor and Ophthalmologist of Government Doon Medical College, says that it is most important to save the eyes while playing Holi. There can be a big problem due to the color in the eyes. If the chemical-rich color goes into the eyes, then there is a risk of the eyes getting light.

If someone is applying color on the face, then close the eyes, so that the color does not go into the eyes. Despite this, if the color goes into the eyes, immediately wash the eyes with cold water. If you are jealous, then add lubricant of a good company. If you still do not get relief, then immediately see an ophthalmologist. Do not put any medicine on your own. This can aggravate the problem.

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