Hail destroying crops.

Due to heavy rains in the state including the capital, Doon, with hailstorms on Thursday, the weather patterns suddenly changed and the weather patterns continued throughout the state on Friday. Rainfall continues in other cities including Dehradun from late night to Friday morning. Because of which the cold has increased. People are seen wearing warm clothes. There is heavy snowfall in Badrinath, Kedarnath, Gangotri, Yamunotridham.

The city of Mussoorie has been raining since late at night. The weather in Srinagar was bad. Darkness enveloped the sky with a strong thunder. After which there was heavy rain. Rudraprayag has thick black clouds. High rain is expected. New Tehri and surrounding areas have been raining since morning.

Due to the daily rains for the last 3 days, cold has also increased in other high altitude areas of the district including New Tehri, Dhanaulti. In Uttarkashi, Yamunotrighati, it has been raining since morning, the cold has also increased. Yamunotridham’s Kharshali, Narayanpuri, Jankichatti and Phoolchatti areas received snowfall on Friday due to the incessant rains.

Rain continued in Almora from Thursday night. This is the third consecutive day of rain. Still cloudy. Strong cold winds are going on. It is sunny in Pithoragarh. The rain continues in Chaukhutia since night, farmers are having difficulty in harvesting wheat. The weather in Rudrapur is clear. It was raining at night in Nainital, it is still cloudy. Drizzle occurred in Lohaghat, Champawat is cloudy. Dwarahat rained heavily in the night. It is still raining with light clouds and light rain.

Chance of rain with a loud roar:
Not only that, in Dehradun, it was not only cloudy throughout the day but it also rained in many areas. Meteorologists have predicted that apart from the capital Dehradun, there are chances of rains with strong thunderstorms in districts like Tehri, Pauri Garhwal, Almora, Nainital and Champawat. Along with the celestial lightning in many areas, strong winds will run at a speed of 30 to 40 kilometers per hour in the plains.

The capital Dehradun and the surrounding areas received heavy rains with thunderstorms in the early hours of Thursday, due to which the mood of the weather changed completely. The minimum temperature was 15.4 degrees and maximum 28.6 degrees due to rain. According to meteorologists, the highest rainfall has been recorded in Purola at 19 mm.

Hail like snow in Mussoorie:
Heavy rains have also occurred in the surrounding areas including Mussoorie, Dhanaulti on Thursday. Dhanolti and Mussoorie became completely white with hail. There has been hail like snow in both the cities, which has caused a severe cold in the region. Also, heavy hail storms have caused major damage to the crops. In the tourist city Dhanaulti, there has been hail like snow on the second day. The entire Dhanaulti has become white with hail. There is a hailstorm up to about three inches in Dhanaulti, which has caused heavy damage to crops.

One and a half feet of snow accumulated in Kedarnath, rain in valley areas:
More than one and a half feet of snow has accumulated in Kedarnath, stalling all the reconstruction work being done here. Whereas in the lower areas, the rain has increased the cold The rains have given new life to the water bodies. Also, the fields have got sufficient moisture. Kedarnath has received snowfall several times since last Tuesday, due to which snow has accumulated up to one and a half feet here.

From Rudra Point to Kedarnath Temple, the entire Kedarpuri has covered the white sheet. This is the first time since February, when Dham has received so much snowfall. All reconstruction work in Kedarnath has come to a standstill due to bad weather. Other Kedar Madmaheshwar, third Kedar Tungnath, Chandrashila and other high altitude areas have also received good snowfall.

Earlier on Tuesday too, intermittent rains continued several times from day to night, giving new life to the sources of drinking water on the verge of drying up. At the same time, water has increased in the gadars. Tenants say farming has also benefited from the rains.
Four people injured in celestial lightning at Bagon fair:
Four people were injured when a celestial lightning struck Bagon in Thauldhar block in New Tehri. The injured were admitted to the health center, Chinyalisaur, where the condition of all the injured was reported out of danger. Demand from local public representatives to give financial assistance to the treatment of the injured.

In a memorandum to DM, District Panchayat member of Bansules of Thauldhar said in a memorandum to the DM that a large number of people from the area had arrived at the fair on Baisakhi in Bagon village on April 21, but after midday suddenly the lightning fell due to bad weather. , In which four people were injured.

The injured include Poonam (16) daughter Sabbal Singh, Surabhi (12) daughter Roshan Lal, Manisha (11) daughter Prem Lal Gram Bagon and Harish Singh (35) son Kamal Singh village Mahera. Told that all the injured are undergoing treatment at the health center Chinyalisaur.
Unseasonal snowfall and hail devastated apple crop:
The apple crop has been destroyed in Uppala Taknore area of ​​Uttarkashi due to unseasonal snowfall and hailstorm. Apart from Upla Taknaur, apple crop has suffered heavy losses due to hailstorm in Yamuna Valley and Mori Bangan area also. Farmers are disillusioned by the loss of livelihood on apple. The farmers have demanded compensation from the administration after assessing the loss soon.

The district has been witnessing strange weather for the past one week. Snowfall in Upala Taknore region, including Yamunotri and Gangotri Dham, increased to freezing. Heavy snowfall on Wednesday night and hailstorms on Thursday caused heavy damage to the apple crop in Uppal Taknore region.

Sukki residents Mohan Singh Rana, Madhavendra Rawat of Harshil, Rajesh Rana of Jaspur, etc. Apple farmers said that during the flowering season, hail fell on the ground from apple trees to flowers, leaves and twigs. The pollination process of apple trees has been destroyed due to the harsh weather.

On Thursday, apple farmers met in Harshil and demanded the administration to assess the damage caused to the apple crop due to hailstorm and snowfall and compensate the farmers. Apart from Upla Taknaur, apple crop has also suffered heavy losses in the past few days in the Bangan area of ​​Mori block, Sorya Fruit Phatti of Naogaon and Gith area of ​​Yamuna Valley.

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