Hotels in Mussoorie will have to get Corona Negative Report of tourists

On the instructions of Mussoorie SDM Manish Kumar, the police administration in more than half a dozen hotels in the city conducted an investigation and awareness campaign to ensure adherence to the Covid Guidelines. During this, the hotel operators were instructed to follow the Corona Guideline.

The administration team investigated six hotels in Kulri and instructed all the hotel operators to follow the Covid guidelines. The team directed that hotel operators will compulsorily take Corona Negative Report of 72 hours prior to tourists coming from 12 states and keep it in the register.

Naib Tehsildar Jaspal Rana told that action would be taken against the hotel operators for not doing so. SI Suraj Kandari, Municipal Health Inspector Virendra Bisht, Govind, Darshan Badoni Pradeep Giri, etc. were present on the occasion.

The action violated if Covid violates the rules:
In the city, Kotwali, Police Officer Narendra Pant held a meeting with the Community Liaison Group (CLG Members). During this period, the peace and law and order of the city, making people aware of cyber frauds, appeals to people for cooperation in police operations against drugs, etc. were discussed in detail. It was also agreed to take strict action against those who violate the mask and social distancing, without taking suggestions from the people about the tourist season.

At the meeting, the President of the Mussoorie Traders Association, Rajat Aggarwal said that a meeting was held with the police administration. It was discussed about the preparation of tourism season. Also said that there has been a demand from the police administration to stop the hawker from coming into the city. He said that 96 policemen should be deployed in the police department in the city, but only 23 policemen are deployed in the city and the tourist season is coming in the coming days. He has demanded the high officials of the police administration to overcome the shortage of policemen in Mussoorie.

Also said that action will be intensified against those who roam without masks in Mussoorie and violate social distancing. Shortage of police force will be brought to the notice of high officials. Efforts will be made to deploy them in Mussoorie as soon as the police force comes from Haridwar Kumbh.

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