IAS-IPS officers on the radar of cyber thugs, whole game going on on FB and Instagram; Marking such officers

Along with the common people, police and administrative officials are also on the radar of cyber thugs. The thugs are targeting such officers who have more fans on various internet media platforms. By collecting photos and information of officers, cyber thugs are creating fake Facebook and Instagram profiles of them. After this, they send friend requests to their friends and cheat them on various pretexts. A few days ago, cyber thugs had created a fake Facebook profile of Garhwal Divisional Commissioner Vinay Shankar Pandey and sent a request to his Facebook friend. However, he immediately complained in this regard to the cyber police station, after which the police closed the fake profile. Apart from this, cyber thugs created a fake Facebook profile of Pauri Garhwal District Magistrate Ashish Chauhan and sent friend requests to his friends. His friends informed about this. After this, the District Magistrate got the fake profile closed by the police. Similarly, thugs tried to cheat SSP Pauri Lokeshwar Singh by creating a fake Facebook profile.

Fake Facebook profile of former DGP was also created
Earlier, cyber thugs had created a fake Facebook profile of former DGP Ashok Kumar and sent friend requests to his friends. Since the matter was related to DGP, the police immediately came into action and raided and arrested some cyber thugs from Rajasthan. Cyber ​​thugs have created fake Facebook profiles of many other officers, but due to lack of information, the officers are not able to complain about it.

Keep these things in mind also
If a friend asks for money through Facebook, Instagram or other internet media platforms, then call him once and confirm.
If your friend’s phone is not working then talk to his relative.
Hackers quickly hack those profiles whose password is mobile number or name.
Create a strong password, which contains digits, numbers etc. and keep changing it from time to time.

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