IGNOU, which is setting new dimensions in distance education system (ODL), is now preparing for major changes.

It started with reducing the duration of postgraduate, PG diploma courses. Apart from this, students will also not get extension after June 2021 session. It is being planned to end the re-admission system.

Course Duration:
IGNOU has fixed the duration of postgraduate courses to four, diploma / PG diploma courses to a maximum of three years. That is, MA, MSc, MCom will be reduced from five to four years. In addition, all diploma courses will now be for a maximum of three years.

Extensions not found:
IGNOU still offers the benefit of extension in postgraduate, diploma courses and certificate courses even after the maximum duration. That is, if a student could not pass the class for the maximum duration of the course, then he / she was given re-admission. Extension of two years in postgraduate, one year in diploma and six months in certificate course. But now this system is also being considered to be abolished. If the IGNOU officials are to be believed, the benefit of the re-admission system will be abolished from June 2021 session.

Here’s how:
Class                                          Minimum Period                                   Maximum Period                                        New Maximum Period

Postgraduate                                    two years                                                    five years                                                     four years

Diploma / PG Diploma                 one year                                                     2, 3, 4 years                                                  three years

Certificate                                       six months                                                    two years                                                        two years

The maximum duration of courses is cut:
Regional Assistant Director of Regional Directorate Dehradun, Dr. Jagdamba Prasad said that for the betterment of distance education, the maximum duration of postgraduate and diploma courses has been cut. Apart from this, the re-admission system is also being considered to be abolished.

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