IMA POP 2022: Uttarakhand’s name in giving the most bravery in the service of Mother India, this time so many heroes were involved?

Whenever there is talk of protecting the country’s borders, Uttarakhand’s name comes first in it.
It has been an old tradition of Devbhoomi to sacrifice everything for the protection of the motherland. Whether it is a soldier or an officer in the army, the dominance of Uttarakhand remains intact.
The number of Gentleman Cadets passing out after receiving military training from the Indian Military Academy (IMA) also speaks for this fact. In terms of population density, Uttarakhand is one of the most promising states in the country. This tradition has been going on continuously since decades ago.
The spirit of patriotism in the youth of Uttarakhand is filled with codification
There is no exaggeration in the fact that the youth of Uttarakhand is full of patriotism. This is reflected in the passing out parade held twice a year in the Military Academy i.e. in June and December.
During the last decade, there is hardly any such passing out parade, in which Uttarakhandis were not present in large numbers among the marching youth.
It is worth noting here that the population of the state is only 0.84 percent of the total population of the country. If compared with the 314 Indian cadets passing out from the military academy on Saturday, the level of state cooperation is nine per cent with 29 cadets. Even states with more population than this do not stand anywhere in front of Uttarakhand.

Maximum number of cadets from Uttar Pradesh 51:
Even though the number of cadets of the neighboring state of Uttar Pradesh is the maximum, 51, but comparing it according to the population there, Uttarakhand seems to be on top in giving courage to the Indian Army, because the percentage of the population of Uttar Pradesh is higher than the total population of the country. It is 16 percent of Uttarakhand, which is many times more than Uttarakhand. States like Bihar, Rajasthan, Maharashtra are also behind Uttarakhand in number force (passing out cadets).

Five cadets from the Prime Minister’s home state:
The Army will get five young officers this time from Gujarat, the home state of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The statistics of POP conducted earlier in the academy show that only a small number of youths from Gujarat join the army.
For the last two years, even the account of Gujarat was not being opened. But this time the drought has been broken. Goa, Meghalaya, Sikkim, Puducherry and Andaman Nicobar are such states from where no cadet is passing out this time.

How many cadets from which state:
state cadet
Uttar Pradesh-51
Himachal Pradesh-17
Madhya Pradesh-15
Bengal – 08
Andhra Pradesh-04
Indian Cadets of Nepali Origin-01

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