Inauguration of three day annual sports competition “Pravah-2022” at Institute of Technology Gopeshwar.

Inauguration done by Dr. Abhishek Tripathi, A.D.M. Chamoli Indoor and outdoor games like volleyball, cricket, table tennis, chess, badminton and weightlifting are to be organized in this competition. In this competition, more than 150 students of the four Houses (Agni, Neer, Vayu, Prithvi) of the Institute are to participate in various events, Dr. Sanjeev Naithani, Director of the Institute of Technology, welcomed the chief guest by presenting a bouquet and covering him with a shawl. to be done. Addressing the college students in the program, ADM, Dr. Abhishek Tripathi said that sports are very important for the mental and physical development of the youth. He said that when the students of this institute will go to different fields after completing their education, they will be helpful in giving a new direction to their lives by using the development of intellectual, mental and physical abilities developed by such events. On this occasion, the director of the institute while addressing the students said that the person who is full of enthusiasm, grateful and mighty gets every success in life. On this occasion, the stage was conducted by Dr. Abhishek Chauhan, Head of the Department of Electricity, where a detailed description of the three-day sports competitions was given by the sports officer of the institute, Jaganandan Negi, in the next series of the program, by the Dean Student Welfare, Mr. Arun Negi. The guests were welcomed. The competition started in the form of a volleyball match between Agni and Prithvi Sadan, which started with the ball toss by ADM and Director. The competition was won by Prithvi Sadan, on the other hand, a cricket match was played between the teachers and staff of the institute, in which a target of 79 runs in 12 overs was set by the teachers team, in this exciting match, the staff team won. Registered. On this occasion, all the deans, heads of departments, teachers, staff and students were present in the Maidan campus.

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