In view of the increasing cases of corona infection in Uttarakhand, guidelines have also been issued in the government offices to take precautions.

On Wednesday, Chief Secretary Om Prakash issued guidelines on behalf of General Administration Department in all the government offices of the state. Under this, emphasis will be laid on cleanliness in offices, social distance, thermal screening and monitoring. There will be a ban on performing ceremonies in offices and auditoriums.

Employees in government offices have been instructed to follow social distance. For example, in offices, a distance of six feet has to be made between two chairs. Employees will refrain from visiting or sitting in crowded places. It will be considered to separate the opening and closing of offices and lunch time. Social distance will have to be followed in the waiting room and visitor lobby of the campus and office.

By entry of offices, stairs, tables, chairs, corridors, railing elevators, auditoriums, verandas, canteens, toilets have to be sprayed to keep them clean and germ-free. It has been asked to refrain from using air conditioners.

Restrict the entry of unnecessary visitors:
Entry of unnecessary visitors to offices is banned. There will be complete arrangement for thermal scanning at the main entrance. Officers and employees will have to keep an identity card. At the time of admission, security personnel will enter after seeing the identity card.

Do not come to the office if you have a cough, a cold:
Officers and employees with symptoms of cough, cold, and shortness of breath will not be called to the office. His permissible leave will be granted. Such employees will inevitably report their illness to their officer. They will take any medicine only after medical consultation.

These instructions were also given:
– Keep water taps clean before and after use.
– Do not join hands for greetings, use non-contact methods.
– Ban on gutka, paan, tobacco, bidi, cigarette and spitting in offices.
– Masks and face covers must be used.
– For fresh air, the windows of the offices have to be kept open.
– Clean cleaning with germicidal phenyl twice a day.

50 percent attendance: Council
The State Employees Joint Council has welcomed the ongoing guidelines regarding due diligence in government offices due to the Corona infection. But at the same time requested to limit the number of employees. State Executive General Secretary of the Council, Arun Pandey said that social distance can be followed only after reducing the number of employees in offices. Therefore the number should be 50 percent.

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