Indian cuisine served by Sohan of Rishikesh to PM Narendra Modi in Japan, Prime Minister praised the food

Prime Minister Narendra Modi gives priority to vegetarian Indian food even when traveling abroad. Therefore, special care is taken of the food arrangement of the Prime Minister during his foreign tours. This time also Prime Minister Narendra Modi went on a two-day visit to Japan in the Quad conference, he was specially served Indian food.
The special thing is that the chef Sohan Lal Nautiyal of Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, who was responsible for his food. Sohan considers himself lucky by meeting the Prime Minister and serving him his own hand-cooked food.
Originally the family of Sohan Lal Nautiyal, a resident of village Sema, Dharamandal Tehri Garhwal, lives in Gumaniwala, Rishikesh. Sohan has been the chief chef at the hotel of Ramratan Raturi, a resident of Rishikesh in Japan, for the past 15 years.

While working in Japan, this time Sohan Lal Nautiyal got such an opportunity, when he had to prepare food for the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi. During the Prime Minister’s two-day visit to Japan, Sohan Lal Nautiyal was entrusted with the important responsibility of preparing Indian food for the Prime Minister.
Sohan Lal Nautiyal told that Prime Minister Narendra Modi stayed in Central Tokyo for two days. Where he prepared three meals each day for the Prime Minister. In which apart from breakfast in the morning, day and dinner were included.
Sohan said that especially for the Prime Minister, Gujarati curry, paneer ki sabzi, matar ke parantha, bhajiya, sweet parantha, thepla, khichdi, upma, paneer makhani, mix veg, matar dal (ragda dal), moong dal, Sooji and almond pudding was served. Apart from this, spinach and maize grain vegetable was specially prepared for the Prime Minister as a taste of Uttarakhand.
Sohan said that the Prime Minister also met with his entire team. During the meeting, the Prime Minister also asked Sohan where he was from in India. On which Sohan told that he is from Uttarakhand, then Prime Minister Modi became even more happy.
During this, the Prime Minister praised Sohan’s food and Uttarakhand fiercely. Sohan said that preparing food for the Prime Minister with his own hands for two days in Japan is the golden moment of his life. Even better, he felt when he had a direct meeting with the Prime Minister on foreign soil.
Call from Indian Embassy in Japan:
Sohan said that the hotel where he has been working in Tokyo, Japan for the last 15 years, often comes to the Indian Embassy for food. The embassy officials also love the food they have on hand.
This time when the Prime Minister’s visit to Japan was fixed, he was invited from the embassy to prepare the PM’s food. Sohan told that he was called to Central Tokyo on May 19 itself. Where after necessary training and other formalities, he was given the responsibility of Chief Chef in a six-member team. While other chefs with him were from Japan.

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