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The future of more than 10 thousand youth registered in ITI hangs in the balance.

There are no arrangements for conducting online examinations in ITIs across the state and offline examinations were not conducted. Due to this, 179 state and private ITI final year main examinations have not been conducted even after six months.

With this, the future of more than 10 thousand youth registered in these ITIs hangs in the balance. Due to lack of main examinations, they have not been able to get ITI training certificate. Because of this, they are not even able to apply for jobs anywhere. Orders were issued by the Director General (Training), Government of India for conducting online examinations, but due to lack of arrangements, the matter of examinations is not being resolved.

The state-run industrial training institutes in the state impart training to youth in various trades. These include courses in both two-year and one-year trades. The main examinations of youths who were trained in these trades were held in June-July, but due to the outbreak of Corona infection in March, all ITIs were closed. Due to this, the main examinations could not be started in time. Later ITIs were opened after the lockdown ended but were not opened for students.

The youth was hopeful that when the examinations of everyone including Uttarakhand Board, Universities have started, their main exams will also be done soon, but their main exams were postponed. Because of this, the future of youth who have completed one and two years of ITI training hangs in the balance. More than 10 thousand youths of state and private ITIs are affected by this and they are not able to apply for jobs anywhere.

179 ITIs are being operated:
There are 88 state ITIs operating across the state. Apart from this, the number of private ITIs is 91. These private ITIs are at Haridwar, Dehradun and Udham Singh Nagar etc. There are about 131 trades in ITIs in the country. Out of these 31 trades are in Uttarakhand.

Exams have been affected due to Kovid-19. The examinations of ITI are conducted by DGET (Directorate General of Employment and Training), Government of India. Instructions were received by DGET in early 2020 that examinations for the session 2019-20 will be made online. As per the instructions, the children of ITI were also given training to take online examination on computer. The Government ITI has been made aware of the lack of resources in state ITIs for conducting online examinations. Arrangements are being made to conduct online examinations on behalf of DGET. By the way experimental examinations have been completed. Now only written examinations have to be done. The order of DGET is awaited.
– JM Negi Deputy Director, Training Directorate