Harish reached Kumbh city Haridwar on Wednesday.

Accusing the Kumbh Mela of neglect, former Uttarakhand Chief Minister Harish Rawat said that he is deeply saddened by the neglect of the Kumbh Mela. Harish reached Kumbh city Haridwar on Wednesday. Here he took a bath in the Ganges. After this, he also worshiped Ganga. After which he will meet the saints of various akharas.

Harish Rawat targeted Center, state
Congress National General Secretary and former Chief Minister Harish Rawat has put the Central and State Government in the dock for organizing Kumbh. On Facebook, Harish Rawat has written that he is saddened by the neglect of Kumbh at the level of central and state government.

Harish Rawat will meet sage saints
The government of both the Center and the state are to blame for the neglect of Kumbh. On January 27, Sadhu will meet saints after reaching Haridwar. By doing this, they want to send a message to the central and state government that neglect of Kumbh will not be tolerated. The saints are the real protectors of Aquarius.

On the issue of Kumbh, Harish Rawat had announced to go among the sage saints in Haridwar on 24 January. His program was postponed. Now Rawat has announced to go to the shelter of the saints again, but the situation has also changed in these two days.

The Kumbh can be limited by the central government’s SOP and the letter issued after Kumbh. Saints can also express their displeasure on this matter. Even before this, Rawat reached among the saints and apologized in the matter of changing the name of Ganga flowing through Har Ki Paidi. Only after this, the controversy over the naming of the Ganges stream arose. The government is still entangled in this matter.

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