Uttarakhand Vidhansabha Budget Session: Limitation wire, copies torn, all Congress MLAs suspended

Amidst the chilly weather at Bharadisain near Gairsain, the political temperature rose to such an extent that on the second day of the budget session of the Vidhansabha, the decorum in the House was shattered. On the matter of breach of privilege, the MLAs of the main opposition Congress party tore copies of the Bills along with the agenda and hurled the book towards the back.
An attempt was made to overturn the table of the Secretary-in-Charge Vidhansabha and the mike was also broken. Taking an unprecedented decision, Assembly Speaker Ritu Khanduri Bhushan suspended all the 15 Congress members present in the House, including Leader of Opposition Yashpal Arya, for the day. Still the Congress MLAs did not agree to go out of the House.
Due to the ruckus of the opposition, the proceedings of the House had to be adjourned a total of seven times. Amidst the ruckus of the opposition, along with the passing of the motion of thanks on the Governor’s address, six bills were also placed on the table of the House. During the proceedings of the House on Tuesday, Congress MLAs started a ruckus on the subject of breach of privilege.
The bench decided the cases related to breach of privilege of Congress MLAs Adesh Chauhan and Sumit Hridayesh. On the case of MLA Adesh Chauhan, the bench said that the MLA has raised a matter of breach of privilege against senior police officer Udham Singh Nagar.
After examining it by the government, the report has been submitted to him. After studying the report by him, no adverse facts have been found in it. Also, this matter is pending in the court. As such, the matter does not constitute a breach of privilege.

Congress created ruckus after the decision came:
The bench said that as far as the replacement of the gunner is concerned, he has been working with the MLA for six years. Even the gunner’s role in the incident at the MLA’s house is suspicious. In such a situation, it is natural justice to remove them. The opposition Congress MLAs got angry on this talk of the Speaker and called it a violation of the rights of the MLAs. On this, the Speaker said that the decision of the bench has come. Angered by this, Congress MLAs came before the bench and started raising slogans of shame-shame.

Congress MLAs climbed on the table:
The uproar by the Congress MLAs continued. Those in-charge secretaries started trying to turn the tables of the assembly. On not being successful, MLAs Ravi Bahadur, Adesh Chauhan and Furkan Ahmed climbed on the table and started shouting slogans while tearing the copies of the Bills.

Suspended if MLA does not agree:
Taking a strict decision on this move of the opposition, the speaker of the assembly first directed the MLAs who were creating ruckus to be thrown out of the house. Even on this, when the attitude of the Congress MLAs remained intact, the Speaker of the Assembly suspended all the MLAs, including the Leader of the Opposition, for the day.

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