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The Trivendra government gave many gifts to Uttarakhand amid the miseries of Corona.

Hardly anyone would want to remember 2020 due to the coronary woes. But amidst these sad memories, the state has also received some such gifts, due to which the past years will remain in the memories of the people of the state. These gifts are also being seen as proof of the will of Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat.

Garrison Summer Capital: The year 2020 Uttarakhand will be remembered for being the summer capital of Uttarakhand state. Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat surprised everyone by announcing the summer capital. Now the government has plans to invest about 24 thousand crores there.

Foundation Stone of Secretariat Building: After declaring Garrison as the summer capital, the Trivandra government took another major step by laying the foundation stone of Secretariat building there on Independence Day.
Dobra Chanthi and Info Setu’s gift: 2020 will also be remembered for the gift of two big bridges of the state. It is a result of the political will of CM Trivendra that the goal he had set for the construction of these two bridges could not deter the woes of Kovidkal. Among them are the long-constructed Dobra Chandhi bridge and the other one in Rishikesh.
Took these big steps
Construction of Suryadhar lake: Construction of Suryadhar lake near Thano of Doiwala Assembly of Chief Minister was completed in 2020 itself. Despite the corona, no obstruction was allowed in the construction of the lake. With the construction of this lake, many villages in the assembly will get water for irrigation.

E-cabinet and e-office started: In Kovidkal, the state government was forced to do administrative work on the virtual platform, now decided to make this medium the power of administrative system. After e-cabinet, the process of connecting secretariat and departments with e-office started.

Efforts to strengthen the rural economy: The state government started work on a plan to set up a rural growth center in the direction of strengthening the rural economy. So far, the government has approved 106 growth centers.

Expansion of health services after Covid: After the knocking out of Covid-19 epidemic, the state government insisted on increasing resources to improve health services. Appointed 476 doctors in the coronary. Decided to recruit nurses. Raised beds in hospitals.

Atal Ayushman Scheme for Employees: At the end of the year, the state government also added its employees to the Atal Ayushman Scheme. The work of giving golden cards to about three lakh employees and pensioners of the state has started.

Women’s right to bhumadhari: Last year, women of the state will also be remembered for deciding the right of bhumadhari. Its government will soon make legal provisions.

These decisions will also be remembered
The government passed the Umbrella Bill to bring the state-funded university under the ambit of a law. After returning from Raj Bhavan, the government amended it and passed it again.
During the lockdown, a large number of expatriates returned to Uttarakhand, for whose employment the government started the Mukhyamantri Swarojgar Yojana.
In order to get the benefit of the ownership scheme faster, the government brought an amendment bill to reduce the period of settlement of disputes related to it from 21 days to 10 days.

Awaiting action on these big announcements
– Hundreds of crores of rupees rice scam did not completely stop. Action on audit investigation is still cold.
-PM Narendra Modi had announced the fifth military dham in Uttarakhand, but could not start work on the government this year.