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High Court asked how much is the rent of the market for the occupied land.

The Nainital High Court today heard a PIL filed on behalf of Swami Chidananda Muni on 35 Bigha land located in Veerpur Khurd Virbhadra near Reserve Forest near Rishikesh and construction of a 52-room building there.

Meanwhile, the High Court has asked the state government to submit an affidavit by December 4 to tell how much the rent on the market rate will be for the land occupied by Swami Chidananda Muni from 2000 to 2020.
During the hearing, the petitioner’s advocate told the court that Chidanand Muni had occupied this land since 2000. They should be charged rent according to the market rate of this land. It was also brought to the notice of the court that the company to which the government gave a contract of 54 lakhs to break the illegal construction, the government is giving a million rupees to that company and returning the remaining amount to Chidananda Muni.
It is clear that the state government wants to give benefit to Chidanand Muni. The petition of Archana Shukla, a resident of Haridwar, was heard before a division bench of Acting Chief Justice Ravi Malimath and Justice Ravindra Maithani.