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The Meteorological Department has issued a warning.

Extremely dense fog can remain in the plains of Uttarakhand today and tomorrow. In view of this, the Meteorological Department has issued a warning. Apart from this, the department has also warned to reduce the maximum temperature by four to six degrees in the plains. Due to the possibility of increasing cold, people have been advised to avoid cold.

According to a bulletin issued by the Meteorological Center, there is a possibility of heavy fog in most parts of Haridwar, Udham Singh Nagar and in the plains of Nainital and Pauri. Apart from this, the maximum temperature in these areas can remain four to six degrees below normal from today.
Due to which the daily average temperature is likely to be around 15 degrees. The department has advised people to guard against the cold when the cold increases. Also, officers of all districts have been asked to take extra precautions.

Gangotri High still closed due to snowfall:
Traffic on Saturday was blocked due to snowfall ahead of Gangotri Highway Harshil due to snowfall on Saturday. Traffic between Sukki Top to Harshil is also risky due to snowfall.

On the Chaurangi Khal and Yamunotri Highways on Uttarkashi-Lombaon motorway, the road ahead of Radi Top, Orchha Band and Phoolchatti is facing difficulties in movement of vehicles on slippery roads with snow and frost. Traffic is smooth on all roads in the district except Gangotri Highway ahead of Harsil.

The atmosphere has started for the celebration of New Year:
The face of tourism businessmen has blossomed since the snowfall started in the district in mid-December. Harsil, Dayara, Dodital, Chowrangikhal, Nachiketa Tal, Kharsali, Kedarkantha, Harkidun, etc. tourist places in the district have become snow-covered.

Hotel Association President Shailendra Matura said that a large number of tourists from outside areas arrive here to celebrate Christmas and New Year.

If the weather supported and the Covid-19 epidemic did not have much effect, then a large number of tourists are expected to arrive here in the coming days.