Exclusive: Milam’s ITBP post connected to the 11,000-foot-altitude WiFi facility on the China border.

Located at an altitude of 11 thousand feet above sea level on the China border, ITBP’s forward post-Milam is connected to WiFi service. With the introduction of WiFi service, the soldiers deployed on the border are also able to make video calls to their families using the Internet. After connecting to WiFi, ITBP personnel are getting the facility in sharing of information. 

After increasing tension on the China border, the Indian government has started providing modern facilities to the border posts. Earlier, due to a lack of communication facility, there was a problem in sending information about the activities on the border to the high officials in the camp headquarters.

During the winter season, the soldiers used to walk many kilometers to inform the officials. It used to take a lot of time. After joining Milam’s WiFi, the jawans are able to immediately inform the high officials of every activity happening on the border. The exchange of information has strengthened the security apparatus on the border more than before. Logistics at the border, availability of food items is becoming more frequent than before. 

Dung Outpost will also be connected to WiFi service from April to May:

The ITBP forward outpost Dung, which is situated at an altitude of 13 thousand feet above sea level, will also be connected to WiFi from April to May. Due to snowfall, the work of connecting the outpost to the WiFi service has come to a standstill. As soon as the snowfall subsides, the work of providing wifi service at the Dung Outpost will be completed.

BRO also connected Laspa Camp to WiFi:

BRO is also building a strategically important Munsari-Milam road. Even after the snowfall in the winter, Griff’s personnel are working on road construction. BRO has connected the camp with WiFi service by providing modern facilities to the jawans. More than 150 soldiers and officers of Griff are benefiting from this. 

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