The Ministry of Transport gave a big relief.

Now the driving license period will end, you will be able to renew your license in the district of your state. The Ministry of Road Transport has given great relief in this regard. Thousands of people will get benefit from this.

In fact, there are many people who got their driving licenses from a district in their youth but have now settled in another district. When their DL period ends, they have to come back to the same district. The Ministry has given relief on this problem, after which the Transport Department has also provided the facility.

Now for DL ​​renewal, work will be done by going to any RTO office. In addition, large vehicles have also been given relief. Now registration of such vehicles will also be done directly from the dealer level instead of going to the RTO office.
Change in order to make body within 30 days by taking chachis:
At present, if someone used to get ready from a heavy vehicle company, then he had to take the vehicle to RTO for registration and fitness. But now he will not have to take the vehicle to RTO. Only the manufacturer or manufacturer dealer will provide registration and fitness.

Similarly, changes have been made in order to make the body within 30 days by taking chachis. Now instead of 30 days, you can build a body for six months. They will not face any kind of penalty. Till now the duration of temporary RC was over after 30 days. According to transport department officials, the facility has started under the orders of the ministry.

The burden of files will be over:
Now the burden of files in the RTO office is going to end. In the first phase, the work of digitalizing the files of the RTO Dehradun office has started. In a few months, all the oldest files will also go digital, after which people will be able to see their papers and the RTO employees will be able to work.

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