Mission Cinnamon and Timru now in Uttarakhand, CM Dhami said – Fragrance center will play an important role

Uttarakhand is going to take a big leap in the direction of promoting aromatic farming. In this episode, Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami inaugurated the first Center of Excellence dedicated entirely for aromatic crops.
On this occasion, the Chief Minister announced the launch of Cinnamon and Timru Mission in the state and said that the climate of the state is favorable for these crops. They are in demand across the country.
Promotion of cinnamon and timaru, where the income of the farmers will increase, on the other hand, greenery will return to the barren and useless land. Along with this, employment opportunities will also be created.
He also announced to develop the Sugar Plant Center as an institution through the Act to strengthen the Sugar Plant Center in view of the benefits being received by the farmers and youth of Uttarakhand from the Sugar region.
Aromatic Plant Center (CAP) Addressing the inauguration ceremony of the Aromatic Crop Excellence Center at Selakui, Chief Minister Dhami said that the way CAP is working in the Aromatic region and the way facilities are being provided to the farmers through technology For that, this institute will prove to be very helpful.
The manner in which the agriculture of the state is being harmed by wild animals. Geographical conditions are also difficult and there is rain-fed farming, in such a situation aromatic agriculture is a good option.
Agriculture and Farmers Welfare Minister Ganesh Joshi said that not only the income of farmers is increasing from aromatic farming, but entrepreneurship is also developing in them. He said that quality saplings of cinnamon, timaru, surai, damask rose would be available to the farmers throughout the year from the hi-tech nursery of the Center for Excellence in Aromatic Crops.
Director of Aroma Plant Center Dr. Nripendra Chauhan said that the utility of green house, net house in the hi-tech nursery of Center of Excellence will be valuable in the interest of farmers. Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami said that continuous efforts are being made by the Aromatic Plant Center to increase quality aromatic production.
There are various challenges in the traditional farming sector in Uttarakhand. In view of the challenges facing the agricultural sector of the state and the growing market of the aromatic sector, the Aromatic Plant Center was established here with the aim of promoting aromatic cultivation and related industries.
On Wednesday, during the inauguration of the Center of Excellence for Aromatic Crops at the Aromatic Plant Center in Selakui, the Chief Minister said that under the guidance of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, special attention is being paid to the development of the state according to the conditions of the state by establishing coordination between the economy and the environment. . He said that good results are being achieved in every field through science and technology. Continuous efforts will have to be made in the direction of increasing the income of the farmers by making more use of science and technology.
He hoped that this center would play an important role in promoting aromatic crops in the State. Due to which the farmers will get economic benefit. The Chief Minister said that everyone will have to make collective efforts to make Uttarakhand a leading state by 2025. Various schemes are being worked on by the departments, so that Uttarakhand can be made the leading state of the country.

Seven Aroma Valleys being developed:
During this, Agriculture Minister Ganesh Joshi said that in view of the successful cultivation of aromatic crops, seven Aroma Valleys in the state, Lemongrass and Mint Valley in Haridwar district, Nainital and Cinnamon Valley, Chamoli and Almora in Champawat district will be developed in the state. Damask Rose Valley in the district, Mint Valley in Udyam Singh Nagar district, Timru Valley in Pithoragarh district and Lemongrass Valley in Pauri district are being developed.

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