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The musk deer has appeared in the Chokta range of the Kedarnath Wildlife Division.

The patrol team of the forest department has captured this musk deer in its camera. Forest officials are also happy with the presence of musk deer that have reached the verge of extinction after a long time in the forests of Chopta range.

Due to the precious oysters, it was being hunted in large numbers, due to which it is in the list of organisms that are on the verge of extinction. Kedarnath Wildlife Division divisional forest officer Amit Kanwar said that the forest department team is doing long distance patrolling these days.

The team has captured a picture of musk deer in the forest near Saukhark while patrolling in the forest. He said that in the past Kasturi Deer Breeding Center was opened in Kanchulakhark of Century area of ​​Kedarnath Wildlife Division.

But because the weather here is not suitable for breeding of antelope, the musk deer kept here have died, but once the presence of musk deer in this area has started new possibilities. It is a pleasure for the Wildlife Division.