Mussoorie – BJP distributed more than 350 ration kits to the needy.

BJP Mussoorie Mandal distributed ration kits to the people of Gorkha society under the leadership of former Minister of State/President Gorkha Welfare Council TD Bhutia. On this occasion, ration kits were distributed to 350 needy outside in Kainchi and Malingar.

On this occasion, former Minister of State TD Bhutia said that BJP Mussoorie Mandal had demanded that poor people of Gorkha community live in Mussoorie, who should be provided ration kits, on which 60 ration kits were distributed with the help of Minister Ganesh Joshi, in which Gorkhas And there were Bihari laborers who came here and distributed ration kits. On this occasion, he talked to the people of Gorkha society and told that whatever the problem may be, so that it can be solved through Minister Ganesh Joshi. On this occasion, BJP Mussoorie Mandal President Mohan Petwal said that ration was distributed by him to poor Gorkhas and other laborers through former Minister of State TD Bhutia. He said that the former Minister of State has given assurance that he will talk to Minister Ganesh Joshi in this regard, while he said that Mussoorie Mandal will also try to solve their problems. After this, former Minister of State TD Bhutia distributed ration kits to about 300 people in Manligar.

On this occasion, General Secretary Kushal Rana, Municipal Councilor Arvind Semwal, Mahila Morcha General Secretary Sapna Sharma, Ward Convenor and Manager Gorkha Sudhar Sabha Prabha Shah, Divisional President Rajiv Gurung, Vijay Butola, Rakesh Thakur, Anil, Abhilash etc. were present.

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