Uttarakhand News

All the depots of Nainital region are busy in achieving the target these days.

The Transport Corporation headquarters has fixed the target to all the depots. Incentives will also be given on the basis of performance. At the same time, the relief being received due to increase in number of passengers during Diwali is now decreasing. In such a situation, the sweat of the headquarters is being met. Haldwani depot has to meet the target of 10 lakh 32 thousand daily.

October and November mark Roadways earning season. Because every year one of these two months is a festival of Diwali. This time due to the festival in November, the target of earning eight and a half months last month and now 10.32 lakhs has been set. While the target is less in the hill depots i.e. Almora, Ranikhet, Bhawali.

Station Incharge Haldwani Depot Ravi Shekhar Kapri said that three days before Diwali, 3.50 lakh and on November 19, 12 lakh met with the riders in one day. Because of which the roadways on average remained close to their target. But now the expatriates have also returned to the metros after completing the festival holiday. In such a situation, there is a problem in completing the goal. At the same time, contract workers say that the officials set the target of earning. But not willing to pay salaries stuck for months.

Earning from Bareilly-Delhi: The Delhi and Bareilly route proved to be the most helpful in meeting the target set by the Roadways Headoffice. Only the Haldwani depot in Bareilly route dispatched 18-20 trains in a day. While the Delhi route also appeared packed. At the same time, there is a crowd of riders for Nainital throughout the year.