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The negligence of the people regarding Covid is now being overshadowed.

In Ramnagar, 94 people have been infected in 16 days. To control this, the health department is now preparing to conduct tests on the spot without seeing the mask.

By October, sporadic cases of Corona were reported in Ramnagar. In November, Corona cases have suddenly started increasing. From November 1 to November 20, 94 people were infected. While sampling remained closed due to the three-day Diwali holiday. This is the situation when normal people are not being sampled by the Health Department. People are investigating the corona only when needed. It also includes 13 jawans of most IRB bulls and students from schools.

Increased number of cases of corona indicate serious condition. The negligence of the people in the crowd is promoting Corona. Concerned about the growing case, the health department is now preparing to form a mobile team. This team will roam the area and forcibly capture people without putting on masks and forcibly perform a rapid antigen test of the corona.

This team will send the Covid Center by chance, along with a fine for not wearing masks when people are positive. Penalty will also be charged for negative exit. Covid’s nodal officer Prashant Kaushik said the situation was getting serious. We are now increasing the sampling of people to investigate Corona. There will be talks with the administration about the measures to prevent this.