Increased tension in the world and outcry in Britain

After receiving the new type of Corona virus, many countries of the continent cut off contact with it, giving Britain’s new name ‘sick of Europe’. In the UK, where there has been an outcry over this, the whole world has come under stress again.

Supplies are being held in UK supermarkets. There is an atmosphere of fear among the people who are anxious to go to family. After PM Boris Johnson described the new form of virus found here as very dangerous for the country, the rest of the country have started protecting themselves. Due to this, the situation in Britain is getting worse.

England gets new name ‘sick of Europe’:
The UK government has tightened restrictions on around 16 million people in London and surrounding areas. At the same time, the discount given for Christmas is also being withdrawn. Many European countries have introduced restrictions on transporting goods to here. Supermarkets are suffering the most due to which the supply has stopped.

Britain’s second-largest supermarket chain, Sainsbury, said that if it does not start contacting Europe again soon and then supplies will start appearing empty within a few days. Britain depends on Europe and other countries of the world for the supply of many other food items, from vegetables and fruits at this time of the year.

Pound and Stock Exchange fall:
The pound lost 2 cents against the US dollar. A pound became 1.3 to $ 279. The stock exchange FTSC declined by 2.8 percent. Stocks of British Airways company IAG fell by 15 per cent while Easy Jet and Vij Air Holding also fell by 11 per cent. Its impact was also visible on the markets around the world and all markets recorded a decline.

Crowd buying in UK:
A crowd of people gathered in Britain’s super market after other countries and France announced the closure of the border. People shopped so much that many supermarkets were empty. People bought whatever food and drink they were trying to escape.

This sudden decision caused chaos in the people of Britain and caused chaos in the shops. People are afraid of the situation getting worse before Christmas and New Year, due to this, people have bought the necessary items and filled them in the house.

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