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Final year nursing students can also be involved in the corona vaccine campaign.

The Health Department has also made a separate plan for the early detection of a vaccine against corona in the state. Under this, preparations are also being made to make final year students studying in nursing institutions as part of the campaign.

The third biggest challenge will be to provide vaccine to the needy after the rescue vaccine from Covid-19, taking it to the mountains. A large-scale plan has been planned to overcome this challenge.
Although this vaccine will be sent only through the government machinery, it will also take the help of private sector physicians and nursing staff.

Staff to be prepared for vaccination:
At the same time, the final year students studying in nursing colleges will also be made part of the Covid vaccination campaign. The Health Department has asked the names, mobile numbers, Aadhaar numbers of such students from all institutions.

Through all these, in the first phase, Covid-19 vaccine will be given to the people as soon as possible.

Along with repairing cold storage in the province, the staff of vaccine will also be trained soon. Its preparation has also been speeded up so that vaccination can be done by keeping the cold chain intact.

First, the state government is preparing to train ANM and pharmacists regarding the vaccine. After this, nursing students will also be trained in the next phase.