On changing the government after five years, Modi gave a direct message by the example of medicine, surrounded by defense deals

Prime Minister Narendra Modi filled the election campaign by holding two rallies in Himachal Pradesh. PM gave a strong message on the tradition of changing the government after five years. The PM also enumerated its disadvantages and told the importance of stable government for development.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the people of five years have done a lot of damage to Himachal. He understood the side effects of changing the government in five years to the people of the state with the example of medicine. He said that the disease does not go away by changing the medicine and doctor again and again. Nobody benefits. Similar mistake kept happening in Himachal. Nobody took responsibility for it. The people sitting in Shimla did not worry about the problems of the people, because they knew that they would not come after five years. If the public wants accountability, then this time the customs should be changed. Development will happen with double the speed than before. He addressed the Vijay Sankalp rally in favor of the candidates of Mandi parliamentary constituency at Jawahar Park in Sundernagar on Saturday.
PM Modi targeted the Congress fiercely. He said that Congress did brokerage in the name of defense deals. The brunt and loss of this had to be borne by the brave mothers of Himachal. The soldiers of the country and the state were sacrificed on the border. But now it is not so. There is no delay in defense deals.
PM Modi said that this son of Himachal wants to do something for you in Delhi. I have been doing this for five years and want to do more. If you put wrong people here by mistake, Delhi cannot do anything sitting here.
This election will decide the development journey of 25 years, not five
This election of Himachal is very special. The votes that will be cast on November 12 will decide the development journey of the coming five, not 25 years. The country will celebrate independence and Himachal will celebrate 100 years of its establishment.

Stable government is necessary for fast growth
Modi said that a stable government is necessary for the rapid development of the state. BJP means stability, BJP means service, BJP means harmony, BJP means development is the top priority. In this election, the people of Himachal are determined to make a strong comeback for the BJP. When this land of soldiers and brave mothers takes a resolution, it shows it by proving it.
I had decided to go to Mandi and apologize
I was supposed to come to Mandi a few days back but could not come due to unfavorable weather. On the same day I had decided that whenever Himachal election rallies would start, first of all I would go to Mandi and apologize to the people here. The people of Mandi and Himachal suffered so much and I could not reach. Its pain will always be in my heart.
Remembering Ganga Ram, Dil Ram and Damodar Das
Modi said that talking in Sundernagar had become my order. Then I did not think that I would get a chance to serve the country and Himachal. If the old friends of Sundernagar used to talk, they would have been surprised too. I had learned a lot from many colleagues like Thakur Ganga Singh, Dile Ram and Damdor Das.

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