On the instructions of CM Pushkar Singh Dhami, flowers were showered on Kanwar pilgrims by helicopter.

On Friday, as per the instructions of Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami, District Magistrate Vinay Shankar Pandey and Senior Superintendent of Police Dr. Yogendra Rawat welcomed and greeted the devotees walking on Kanwar Patti from Narsan Border of Haridwar district by showering flowers on the Kanwariyas. Gone. This sequence of showering flowers on the devotees was conducted till Bairagi Camp, Shankaracharya Chowk, Hari ki Paidi and Upper Road. This supernatural sight of the time of flower rain was worth seeing. Devotee kanwariyas were getting overwhelmed seeing flowers showering on them and were seen appreciating the welcome and greeting arrangements being made by the government. At the time of raining flowers from the helicopter, the whole area was resonating with the echo of Bam-Bam Bhole.
Earlier, Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami also welcomed Shiva devotees at Ganga Ghat near Damkothi in Haridwar on Wednesday. He had welcomed the devotees of Shiva who came to Devbhoomi Uttarakhand in the Kanwar Yatra by washing their feet and giving Ganga Jali. It is an ancient tradition to offer water to Lord Shankar in the month of Shravan. This month is dedicated to Lord Shankar.
Every day lakhs of Shiva devotees participate in the Kanwar Yatra in Haridwar to seek the blessings of Mother Ganga. Till now lakhs of Shiva devotees have returned to their destination with holy Ganges water. After offering Gangajal in the pagodas of their respective regions, their journey is completed.

Regarding Kavad Yatra, the Chief Minister has given clear instructions to the officers that all facilities should be taken care of in Devbhoomi Uttarakhand of Kavad Yatris and there should be no shortage in their service.

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