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The order of MD in Uttarakhand Power Corporation Limited (UPCL) has become a problem for employees.

If revenue collection is not reduced or linealso is not reduced, then field officials will be responsible for this. After this order, the Energy Corporation employees have come out in protest.

On Friday, the order has been issued by Dr. Neeraj Khairwal, MD, UPCL. The order states that recovery is not being done against the targets set. Displeasure has also been expressed in this meeting of 96th board of directors. Therefore, the salaries of field employees are being linked to the line and lineloss, so that their salaries can be recovered.

All have been asked to reduce the recovery and line loss under the target set on the basis of feasibility. If this is not done then the Subdivision Officer, Executive Engineer and Superintending Engineer will be directly responsible for it.

Officers and employees of the Energy Corporation protested:
After the order of the MD of UPCL, the employees associations associated with the Energy Corporation have come out against it. As soon as the order was issued, a delegation of Uttarakhand Power Engineers Association reached the MD’s office for talks. However, after he was unable to meet, the association called a meeting in UPCL itself.

After a late-night meeting, General Secretary of the association Amit Ranjan said that all the employees are working diligently during the Corona period. While the number of consumers is increasing continuously, the number of energy employees is continuously decreasing. Each engineer has two to three times the load.

Field employees not only have revenue collection but also have the responsibility of making 24-hour power system with the complaints of consumers. He said that when employees are not complete in the field then how can the criteria be met. He has declared to oppose it.

At the same time, the Central President of the Uttarakhand Power Junior Engineers Association, Jesse Pant, said that he is continuously doing his work in the disparate circumstances of Corona. This order of UPCL MD is very disappointing. He said that this order of UPCL will be strongly opposed.