‘Other states should also take steps towards implementing UCC’, CM Dhami expressed hope, said these big things

Uttarakhand Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami said that like Mother Ganga coming out of Devbhoomi, this Ganga of equal rights coming out of this House will ensure the constitutional rights of our citizens. Other states are also expected to move forward in the direction of this law. CM Dhami said in the House on February 7, the third day of the Assembly session, that our government had promised to bring a Uniform Civil Code in Uttarakhand. In the first cabinet meeting immediately after the formation of the government, an expert committee was constituted to formulate a Uniform Civil Code. The expert committee received suggestions regarding Uniform Civil Code from about 10 percent families of the state. This is a direct proof of the awareness of the people of Devbhoomi.
The Chief Minister said that unity in diversity is the specialty of India. This bill talks about the same unity which we have been shouting for years. In the nectar of independence, it is everyone’s duty to build a harmonious society, where constitutional provisions are equal for all.

The gap of discrimination among citizens and communities will now be filled
The Chief Minister said that despite being mentioned in Article 44 of the Constitution, the idea of Uniform Civil Code was kept suppressed. This is the same truth which was not accepted even after the Shah Bano case of 1985. He raised questions as to why the gap of distinction between citizens and inequality between communities was dug. But, now this gap will be filled. The Chief Minister said that before independence, the British rule followed the policy of divide and rule. Adopting the same policy, he never allowed the creation of equal laws for everyone. The Constituent Assembly made the subjects related to the Uniform Civil Code a part of the concurrent list, so that the central and state governments could make laws for themselves. After all, those who ruled for 60 years after independence did not even think of implementing the Uniform Civil Code (UCC).

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