Breath of patients stuck with leakage in oxygen line in Dehradun Hospital.

The oxygen line was leaked on Saturday night in the Covid ward of the Coronation Hospital complex of the Government District Hospital in Dehradun. This caused the breathing of the patients admitted there. In a hurry, doctors and health workers handled the situation and a major accident was avoided.

A few days ago, the Covid ward has been built in the new building of the hospital. Where 34 beds containing oxygen have been made. All beds are full. 15 patients are admitted in the main building. Some patients were on central oxygen supply and some oxygen concentrators on Saturday night. Suddenly a leakage occurred in the line. Supply was discontinued from the off-line.

The staff, under the supervision of the Chief Medical Superintendent of the Hospital, Dr. Manoj Upreti and Dr. Nod Bisht, the Nodal Officer of Covid, handled the patients. Dr. NS Bisht said that there was some problem in the line. Efforts are being made to fix it by calling a technician on behalf of the contractor. We also have 100 oxygen concentrators available. Patients have not had any problems. He was taken on oxygen concentrator from time to time.

Launch of free oxygen service:
Some young men have started the virtuous work of saving lives by reducing the demand for increased oxygen in corona patients. Appealed that if any oxygen cylinder is empty in someone’s house, then visit us, so that they can be saved by refilling it and giving it to someone else.

Shravan Verma 9837000501 and Sanjeev Malhotra (Councilor) 9997773737, while sharing their mobile number, said that any patient needs an oxygen cylinder, call us. This facility is being provided for free.

Fund Release Only Electoral Stunts:
Metropolitan in-charge of Congress Seva Dal and Uttarakhand Secretary Piyush Gaur have demanded that transparency should be spent in the entire expenditure of Rs one crore given to MLAs during the Corona period. However, he has also described this decision of the government as merely an election stunt.

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