Pahar’s daughter made a different identity in the field of music with her talent.

Dehradun: It is the result of the change that has come with the times that today the daughters of the mountain are illuminating the name of the family and the region on the basis of their talent. One of them is Anjali Rana, the talented daughter of Dehradun district of Uttarakhand. Those who have made a different identity on the basis of their hard work, dedication and magical voice, have also established themselves at the national level.

Born in Gwalior, Anjali’s father was serving in the army. During this she was posted in Dehradun, from where Anjali established a relationship with music. Anjali Rana, who did her schooling from Kendriya Vidyalaya, says that she was very much appreciated for her singing in school, while later, during her graduation from DAV, she won a lot of accolades for her excellent singing. Anjali, who considered her father as her inspiration, used to take Anjali to concerts and inspired her to participate in many auditions. Due to which he started singing Garhwali songs from the time of school. Famous film actress Madhuri Dixit has also spread the magic of her voice in the yet-to-be documentary film Sridev Suman. Not only this, this singer has also shown her singing skills in many documentaries of Doordarshan.

This singer, who started her music from Bhatkhande in Dalanwala, also took her music training here. After which he studied classical music for 6 years from his guru Ravi Kiran in Dehradun itself. Anjali obtained the 6-year Prabhakar degree from her guru in excellent marks. Along with this, he has obtained a 6-year Sangeet Prabhakar degree from Prayag Sangeet Samiti. Anjali Rana, who has been interested in music since childhood, has participated in many folk music programs, as well as acted in films from Uttarakhand. Not only this, she has also acted in films of other languages. Along with Garhwali, Kumaoni and Jaunsari, the main dialects of Uttarakhand, she has spread the magic of her voice in many live shows in Himanchali as well as abroad. Many songs of Anjali, who has performed her singing in Dubai, Bahrain and Thailand, can also be found on YouTube. Anjali is doing excellent work in the field of singing today and we hope that she will touch new dimensions of music in future.

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