Police chased down the protesting people, Read full news…

The police chased down the people opposing the construction of the ropeway company gate at Shifan Court in Mussoorie city. In the meantime, there have also been noises between the police and the locals. Police has also taken action against three people in this case. At the same time, Congress and Aam Aadmi Party workers also reached the martyr site in support of the people protesting.

Let me tell you, the people removed from Shifan Court are agitated to demand for permanent arrangements. People say that the ropeway construction company is putting a gate here and closing their path. Apart from this, the police and administration are suppressing their voice. On this matter, people displaced from Shifan court protested on Monday.

On Tuesday, the locals remained adamant on the protest. During this time, the police arrived at the scene, sternly drove everyone away and caught five people. Action under 151 against Sampathi Lal, MN Bhatt and Brijmohan, who were protesting fiercely in Shifan Court.

CO Narendra Pant said that the illegal occupiers of the municipality’s land had already been removed. After this some people were again trying to obstruct the work of the company engaged in the construction of ropeway in Shifan Court. Action was taken against three people under this.

At the same time, Anuj Shah of Shifan Court said that the protest will continue at the martyr’s place until all the people find permanent accommodation. Vinod Lal says that the protest will continue until his demands are met. He said that the administration is trying to suppress the voice of the poor.

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