Poor journalists will get a big relief from this decision.

The delegation of Uttarakhand Web Media Association and other news portals jointly met Chief Minister Tirath Singh Rawat on 26 February 2021 to meet the tender issued for the implementation of the news portals of Uttarakhand, in which the president of Uttarakhand Web Media Association, Manoj Ishtwal, and Pankaj Panwar’s leadership met Chief Minister Tirath Singh Rawat at the Chief Minister’s residence and it was suspected that things were being discussed in the Directorate of Information regarding the cancellation of this tender.
In this regard, the President of Uttarakhand Web Medit Association, Manoj Ishtwal, and Pankaj Panwar informed the Chief Minister that the current conditions applicable in the tender on poor journalists due to the Covid period are going to put a financial burden in which DG information is being made in the name of Uttarakhand. Demand Draft to be increased from Rs 5000 / – to Rs 10,000 / -, financial burden of a digital signature from 1600 to 2000, expenses of online file process and expenses of three more different stamp affidavits and then the fulfillment of the terms of implementation But conditions like depositing the bail amount of 25000 were being applied due to which the burden of each journalist was about 35 to 40 thousand.
The organization requested the Chief Minister that even though the demand draft for the initial bail amount has been made of 10 thousand, but this tender process should not be canceled because almost 90 percent of the journalists have made the draft and most of them have also completed the online process. , So if the tender is canceled, it would be a double whammy on journalists.
This joint organization has requested the Chief Minister to extend the last date of the tender in view of the bank strike and the bail amount should be reduced from Rs 25,000 / – to just Rs 10,000 / – to give some relief to the journalists who are struggling with the economy during the Kovid period. So to receive.
Taking cognizance of this immediately, Chief Minister Tirath Singh Rawat asked to give a written letter and immediately after receiving the written letter, directing the Director General’s notice, with immediate effect, the bail amount was reduced to Rs 10,000 / – and the tender date was increased from 19 March to 23 March. Asked to issue an order to amend. Director-General Information Meharban Singh Bisht, following the order in letter and spirit, revised the order before his transfer.
As soon as the information about the order was received, the editors and journalists of all the news portals of Uttarakhand expressed their appreciation of this decision taken by the Chief Minister and thanked him.
The journalist delegation meeting the Chief Minister included a dozen journalists including the President of Uttarakhand Web Media Association Manoj Ishtwal, Pankaj Panwar, Ajit Kamboj, Ashish Negi, Manish Vyas, Jagmohan Maurya, Manish Dangwal.

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