Uttarakhand: Preparations to link MNREGA workers to EPF

On the lines of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and other states, Uttarakhand is also preparing to give benefits of the Employees Provident Fund to the workers of the MNREGA (Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act 2005) scheme. In this regard, the Rural Development Secretary has sent a proposal to the Employees’ Provident Fund Office (EPFO). EPFO has started action on this. This will benefit thousands of workers and employees.

On December 10, on behalf of the village development, a letter was sent to the EPF office expressing a desire to give benefits of the EPF to the MNREGA workers and requested for necessary action. After this, the EPFO ​​is busy preparing the action plan, which is in the final stage.
The department has also assured to provide PF code to the workers soon. According to the EPFO, if approval is received at the secretary level, the workers will soon get the benefit of the EPF. Its blueprint has also been prepared.
Employees can also get benefits
There is a plan to give benefit of EPF to temporary employees working under MNREGA scheme. Along with this, there is also a plan to provide benefits to employees with monthly salary of more than Rs 15,000.

Regional Commissioner of EPFO ​​Manoj Kumar Yadav said that the Rural Development Department has expressed its desire. Please tell that it is mandatory to give EPF benefits only to employees with a maximum monthly income of 15 thousand.

Laps of five and a half million budget:
According to the EPFO, Rustic Development has mentioned in the letter that the budget lapse of about Rs.5.5 crore is going on every year in the MNREGA. There is a plan to adjust this amount in EPF.
PRD, desire to benefit homeguards too
The EPFO ​​also wants to give the benefit of EPF to PRD personnel and home guards. For this, the concerned departments have also been contacted. However, the departments often do not show a positive attitude. Therefore, the plan does not come up. For this, the government was also required to issue notifications, so that all departments can be obliged to give benefits to the workers.

A letter was sent by the Rural Development Secretary to give benefits of EPF to MNREGA workers. Final approval has to be got from the government level itself. Till now, MGNREGA workers in UP, Bihar and other states are getting the benefit of EPF. Taking initiative in this direction is also a good step in the state. Apart from this, we also want to link Home Guard and PRD jawans with EPF.
Manoj Kumar Yadav, Regional Commissioner, EPF Uttarakhand.

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