Pulse oximeter has been exhausted from the Health Department.

With the rapid growth of corona infection and the absence of beds in hospitals, pulse oximeters have now run out with the health department. This has increased the difficulty of patients living in home isolation. Pulse oximeter is also not easily available in the market. At the same time, the price of pulse oximeter has also increased compared to normal days.

The corona-infected less serious patients are being sent by the Health Department to Home Isolation so that the congestion of patients in hospitals does not increase. Along with this, corona kits are also being provided to such patients. In which corona medicines, pulse oximeters and thermometers were arranged.

Patients were also being advised by the doctors of the Chief Medical Officer that along with taking medicines, keep the daily routine, diet and check the pulse and oxygen status in the body from time to time with a thermometer, fever and pulse oximeter. If the fever increases, consult a doctor and if more problems arise, then check up with the doctors after reaching the hospital.

Pulse oximeter shortage:
Meanwhile, many people are complaining about not having a pulse oximeter with the kit. He says that the packet also has a pulse oximeter written on it, but on opening it is found that there is no pulse oximeter in it. Pulse oximeters are also not easily available in the market.

When contacted in this regard, Dr. Anoop Kumar Dimri, Chief Medical Officer of the district told that this problem has occurred due to the shortage of pulse oximeter. For this, tender had already been put in place, but no company has come forward for this yet. Efforts are being made for the availability of pulse oximeters at various levels. It is expected that pulse oximeters will be available soon. Which will be made available to the patients at the earliest.

Reports of the RTPCR investigation being conducted at various centers in Dehradun are not available for several days. This upset Corona-infected patients and their families. They are forced to give samples for re-examination in a private lab.

The administration has made arrangements to collect corona samples at places like Ghantaghar, railway station etc., but due to non-receipt of inquiry report of the sample sent from there, many people are upset. People are visiting the Doon Hospital many times. He is also seeking information on the helpline numbers, but his problem is not being resolved.

The Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Anoop Kumar Dimri said that the samples first come to the CMO office and then go to the lab of AIIMS or Government Doon Medical College for corona examination. Probably due to the delay in investigation, the investigation report will not be updated on the portal.

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