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In the Queen of Mussoorie these days, tourists are flocking from every corner of the country to see the beautiful view of the Winter Line.

Seeing the winter line, the excitement of the tourists is made. When the weather is clear, in the evening, the winter line is clearly visible from the city’s lalitibas, Vincent Hill and Malrod.

Vipin Chandra, a tourist from Delhi, says that there is no answer to the natural beauty of Mussoorie. The natural beauty, natural climate, lush green forest and serene environment has given the city many beautiful views. This includes the winter line.

It is very difficult to describe what you experience by seeing it. It is really relaxing. At the same time, Simran, a female tourist from Punjab, says that much was heard about the Winter Line, but saw it today. It is a pleasure to see it. I will tell this to all my friends.

Winter line appears in the west after sunset:
Environmentalist Vipin Kumar Gupta said that usually after sunset between November to February in Mussoorie, a unique view is visible in the sky in the west direction. A color emerges in the sky as if nature is spreading its magic. Whoever sees this colored line, red, orange, just keeps looking. This is called the winter line.

Amazing views are visible in some places in the world:
English writer Ganesh Sally says that this is a wonderful phenomenon, which is seen only in some places in the world. This includes Mussoorie, Cape Town, Africa, Switzerland. It is the largest shadow in the world, which appears in such a big sky.

View points will be made in the city: Palikaadhyak
Municipality President Anuj Gupta says that view points will be built at different places in the city to see the winter line. Also the winter line will be promoted. This can attract tourists during the winter season. He said that the winter line can become a good medium of tourism in the off season.