Question of permanent capital remained confined to politics in Uttarakhand: Former Chief Minister Harish Rawat

The question of a permanent capital in Uttarakhand has been limited to doing politics only. If the earlier governments had taken a decision on this only after the formation of the state, then today this issue would not have been politicised. These things were said by former Chief Minister Harish Rawat in a dialogue organized on the occasion of the release of author Rashid Kidwai’s book ‘Leaders, Politicians and Citizens’.

The book was released by former Chief Minister Harish Rawat, senior journalist and PTI (language) editor Nirmal Pathak, writer Advaita Kala and writer Rashid Kidwai at a hotel on Rajpur Road on Sunday evening. After this, a dialogue was organized on the topic ‘Is Uttarakhand towards a bright future’. Former Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat was also to attend the dialogue, but he did not attend due to ill health.
During this, senior journalist Nirmal Pathak questioned Harish Rawat that in the last 22 years, the previous governments did many things, but what were the works that should have been done in the past. In response, Harish Rawat said that there are two such works, which had to be done in the past. Determination of the first permanent capital. Had it been so, politics would not have been happening on it by now.

The second task is that we should have decided the basis of the state’s economy. Whether we make rural development the basis or urban development. Former Chief Minister Harish Rawat also said that the previous governments did work to promote education, but did not focus on a sustainable economy.
Industries flourished, but local products were forgotten. Forgetting the skills of traditional crafts was also a big mistake. On the question of the youth of Uttarakhand being above 18 years, the former Chief Minister said that the answer is very difficult. He said that Uttarakhand has come after learning a lot from its womb itself. The citizens here have the power to make decisions. This is the reason that the myth of changing the government every time has also been broken by the people this time.

The Art of Losing Winning in Congress:
During the election, it seemed that the Congress government was being formed, but after the intervention of the Prime Minister in the election, the situation was reversed. In response to this question of author Advaita Kala, Harish Rawat said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has the art of winning every game and winning in Congress is the art of losing.
On the question of losing the election while the Chief Minister, he said that it was my mistake. During the 2017 elections, I did not go even once. The people there had to choose the MLA, not the Chief Minister. Harish Rawat said that I am grateful to the people there. Accordingly, he had to defeat me by 20 thousand votes, but he defeated me by two thousand votes.

There was contemplation and brainstorming in Udaipur:
On the question of Congress meeting held in Udaipur, Harish Rawat said that there was concern, contemplation and churn in Udaipur. The way forward has also emerged from the meeting. Some things we have shared and some are confined to ourselves. I am proud that Congress is finding its way through worry, contemplation and brainstorming. Taking a dig at the BJP, he said that we are passing through a phase in which there is pressure on the federal structure.

Government surrounded on selfie point in Kedarnath:
On the question of the plan to make a selfie point in the memory of actor Sushant in Kedarnath, former Chief Minister Harish Rawat said that during my tenure, original works were done in Kedarnath. Our government met many religious leaders to build the Samadhi of Jagadguru Shankaracharya, they had clearly said that no human’s name should be placed in Kedarnath. Today there are stones, but they do not support it.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi started rhetoric abroad:
On the question of Rahul Gandhi’s rhetoric against the country abroad, Harish Rawat said that earlier there was an opinion of the government and the opposition on foreign policy, but Prime Minister Narendra Modi has opened its avenues. He has attacked Congress many times abroad and others are also giving statements after learning from him.

If you are being defeated again and again, then only great men have become:
Former Chief Minister Harish Rawat addressed Prime Minister Narendra Modi as a great man during the program. When questioned about this, the former Chief Minister said that when he (Narendra Modi) is losing repeatedly in the wave of his name, he has become a great man.

The book focused on those who directly and indirectly intervened in the politics of India:
Author Rashid Kidwai’s book Leaders, Politicians and Citizens is based on 50 such individuals who are directly and indirectly interfering in Indian politics. It mentions those parts of his life, works and statements which were never made public.

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