Due to the rapid spread of corona infection in Uttarakhand, most of the infected patients are dying of fear and stress.

According to expert doctors, in addition to decreasing the immunity (immunity) of the body due to fear and stress, the oxygen level also becomes unbalanced.

The weakening of the will power reduces the expected effect of the drugs. This is the reason that many people are facing complaints of not functioning of many organs as soon as the corona gets infected.

Dr. Kumar G., Assistant Professor and Physician of Government Doon Medical College Hospital. Call and senior physician Dr. Janendra Kumar told that if fear comes to mind in severe illness, then the problem of multi organ dysfunction including heart attack, kidney failure increases.

With this, there is a problem in controlling the main disease, along with the condition of being killed for other reasons. The patient’s will power plays a very important role in the recovery of any disease.

If you notice symptoms like fever and tiredness, then see a specialist immediately:
Dr. NS Bisht, a doctor of the Chief Minister of the state and senior physician of the Government District Coronation Hospital, said that the most important two points of protection from the corona. If you see any symptoms like fever and tiredness, then see a specialist immediately. Doctors initially give common fever and other common medicines.

Even after that the fever does not come down and if the infection increases then there is a need to give steroid medicines. Nowadays, some people look on Google and misunderstand the side effects of medicines and all things. In this way, no person should become a doctor on his own.

Doctors give steroids and other medicines only after blood tests, x-rays and other tests if the condition is not corrected. Also, other medicines are also given to reduce the side effects of those medicines. In such a situation, get medicines and other treatments as per the doctor’s advice.

Counseling in Doon Hospital:
Apart from the doctors at the Government Doon Medical College Hospital, teams of psychologists and public relations officers are constantly counseling families and patients along with other works of the hospital. Psychologist Nidhi Kala, Chief Public Relations Officer Mahendra Bhandari, Public Relations Officer Sandeep Rawat, Gaurav, Sachin, Dinesh Rawat, Vijay etc. are counseling patients and their families. Doctors are advising people not to panic and get confused.

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