Registration for admission in Kendriya Vidyalaya from today.

Registration for the new session in the Kendriya Vidyalayas will start on Thursday. For admission in the first class, registration can be done only through an online medium. On the other hand, registration for classes above second will be done from April 8 both online and offline. There are about 3200 seats in 47 KVs across the state.

Giving information in this regard, Deputy Commissioner of KV Doon division, Meenakshi Jain said that registration for class one will be done by April 19. There will be an opportunity to enter 1160 seats of Doon’s 11 KVs. Students and parents have to come to school at least and take full care of the Corona standards, its instructions have also been given to the schools. In addition, every school has also designed its own help desk. The helpline number can be taken from the school website. Parents can contact the help desk in case of any problem.

How many seats in which city of Doon?
Number of seats
OFD – 120
OLF – 80
IIP – 80
ITBP – 120
ONGC – 80
FRI – 80
Ima – 160
Birpur – 120
Upper Camp – 120
Elephant Barkla 1 – 120
Elephant Barkala 2 – 80
This paper has to be given:
For admission of children in class one, proof of age, proof of address, proof of address, if working in the central, state department, will also have to be given. Information about the transfer case will also have to be given on the letterhead of the department.

Admission will be given under these rules:
Distance rule: In case of one seat having more contenders, preference will be given to the nearest claimant of Kendriya Vidyalaya.
Age rule: Under this, preference will be given to that candidate who has more age as per the date of birth given in the certificates, if there is more than one claimant in one seat.
Single Girl Child Rule: Under this, two seats in every Kendriya Vidyalaya are reserved for the children who are the only girl child of the parents. To take advantage of this, parents have to give an affidavit.

Important Dates:
Online registration for the first class – April 1 to April 19
Date of commencement of registration above class two: April 8 to April 15
Date of release of first admission list of class 1: 23 April
Date of release of second admission list of class 1: 30 April
Date of release of third admission list of class 1: May 5

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