On Thursday, 40 birds were found dead.

In Dehradun, Friday was a relief for bird flu. While further reduction in the number of dead birds was observed, reports of all samples sent from the poultry farm have also come negative.

Chief Veterinary Officer AB Pandey said that community infection is seen in birds only in crows and not in others. He said that 30 crows were found dead on Friday in various areas of the district. On Thursday, where 40 birds were found dead.

Chief Veterinary Officer Dr. SB Pandey said that dead birds are getting plenty which is a news of relief. Said that crows are getting community infection of bird flu also in others. This is proving that this disease is more effective than crows too.

Infection not found in poultry farm:
In view of the possibility of bird flu, the Animal Husbandry Department had sent samples from almost all the large poultry farms in the district for testing, but all the samples that were sent from the poultry farm, all came negative. Dr. SB Pandey said that this proves that it is being found more only among those who have come in contact with foreign birds. It is said that even after this all poultry farms are being monitored regularly.

356 samples of bird flu in Haldwani report negative:
There is news of relief for bird flu. The report of the sample sent for investigation in Kumaon division has come negative. Additional Director of Animal Husbandry Department, Dr. BC Karnataka said that 356 samples had been sent from Bareilly to Bareilly for investigation. These samples were collected from many places. All the reports came negative on Friday. The department has breathed a sigh of relief. He said that the department is fully alert for the prevention of bird flu and the hen farm is being investigated and work is being done in coordination with the forest department.

Forest department prepares to calculate Tej’s parameters:
In the midst of the bird flu crisis, the Forest Department has also stepped up preparations for bird census in the Asan Conservation Reserve. The work of calculating the parameters of migration to the lake next week can be started.

Chief Conservator of Forests (Hoff) Rajiv Bharatri is also expected to reach Rampur Mandi on Saturday. Here he will discuss with staff the preparations for bird census to bird flu. With this, he will also take a class of new trainee forest employees.

It is known that every year migrant birds arrive at the Asan Conservation Reserve. These birds travel to many countries including Siberia and reach here. From the end of October to the beginning of March, this lake remains the place of migration of these foreign birds. In such a situation, the forest department has been calculating these parameters for the past several years. It counts the number of birds to species.

This calculation helps the forest department to understand the habitat of these birds. Every year this calculation is done in the second fortnight of January. In such a situation, preparations for conducting this calculation have been expedited next week. Forest Officer Pradeep Saxena said that preparations are being made to calculate the parameters. Counting will be done as soon as instructions are received from high officials.

Poultry spinach upset due to bird flu:
Fowl spinach is disturbed due to bird flu. A large number of chicks were distributed by the Animal Husbandry Department to unemployed youth and tenants in lockdown, which led many to open self-employment by opening poultry farms. Now they are afraid that if their chickens also get caught in the flu, they may have to suffer a lot.

In the lockdown of the Corona transition period, the migrants who returned to the village joined the Poultry Farm Scheme of the Animal Husbandry Department to start a poultry business in July-August and December. For this, 13 Mother Poultry Farms were built in the district. However, there were now four and a half thousand chickens in Chopra Mother Poultry Farm and about one and a half thousand chickens in Nauli.

While there are about five hundred to seven hundred chickens in every poultry farm like Nauli, Ghansali, Chamiala, Badiargarh, Nagani, Kumalda, Kirtinagar, Maletha and Nainisain etc. Similarly, in every village of the district, eight-ten tenants were also given 100-100 chickens to increase their income, but now all the poultry farm owners and poultry farmers are worried about the bird flu.

Teams made for monitoring:
Teams have also been formed at the block level by creating a control room to monitor bird flu. No such case has come to the fore in the district. The chickens distributed by the department have been distributed only from the state government’s poultry farm. The case that has been reported in Kirtinagar will be reported in two-three days. – HS Bisht, Chief Veterinary Officer in charge.

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