Reptile scientists of the Wildlife Institute of India have discovered a species of lizard that eats only leaves in the hills of Mussoorie region.

According to the reptiles, this rare vegetarian lizard of the Himalayan rock agama species is similar to the normal lizard, but their diet is slightly different. Scientists claim that this species of lizard has been discovered for the first time in Uttarakhand.

A team of scientists, researchers from the Wildlife Institute of India, led by reptilian Dr. Abhijeet Das, have discovered the Himalayan Rock Adama species lizards in the cracks of the mountains in the Mussoorie region, which is rare in itself.

It is reported that the average lizard length of this species is 18 cm. Whereas, the male is one and a half times longer than the female. The male lizard of this species, like the chameleon, specializes in changing its color. Especially during breeding, the male’s entire body becomes dark blue.

No change of color in lizard:
At the same time, no change in color has been found in the female lizard. This lizard is completely herbivorous and is completely dependent on the leaves of tree plants grown on the rocks of the mountains.

According to Dr. Abhijeet some species of such lizards are found in the high altitude areas of Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir, but the species of lizards found in Mussoorie region are vegetarian lizards found in areas like Ladakh and Jammu and Kashmir. Is slightly different from

There are 300 in the country, 8000 species of lizards all over the world:
According to the scientists of the Wildlife Institute of India, around 300 species of lizards are found in the country. Lizards are found from the Gangetic plains to the higher Himalayan regions. At the same time, an average of 8000 species of lizards have been identified all over the world.

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